Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

P.V Solar is where photovoltaic panels convert daylight into electricity efficiently.

The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity. Due to the reflection of sunlight, cloudy days can result in higher energy yields than cloudless skies, perfect for Ireland.

In Ireland’s climate solar energy performs very well, as Ireland has up to 18 hours of light during summer. This Solar energy can be used to generate electricity and/or water heating. This electricity can be used to power all electrical devices in your home (e.g. shower, TV, heating system).

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  • Cheaper energy costs
  • Reliable. Estimated lifespan over 25 years with more than 80%, achieving their original performance after this period
  • Payback times are decreasing making them more viable energy producing sources
  • Improve your homes BER home rating
  • No harmful emissions or polluting gases
  • Almost maintenance free, very safe – as there are no moving parts
  • Most effective way to meet the renewables requirement under part L of building regulations
  • Functions under overcast skies
  • SEAI Grants of upto €3000
  • Performance Monitoring App
  • 25 Year Warranty

Why add a Solar Battery to Solar PV?

  • Energy Storage – stores electricity generated by sunlight, to be used when your panels are not generating electricity
  • Increase efficiency and lower energy costs further
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels/ lowering your carbon footprint
  • Reserve of energy, if power cut in your area
  • Night tariffs allow you charge battery at night when less expensive.
  • €600 SEAI Grant Available

Payback from PV solar will depend on the size of the system and your energy consumption. That is why at Asset Heating & Solar we design the system to your needs and not just to meet criteria. But normal payback should be between 6 – 8 years or up to 50% reduction in your energy costs.

Whether it is for your home, business or farm, there is a Solar PV grant available.

The Climate Action Plan commits Ireland to significant objectives, including:

  • Homeowners to generate their own electricity and sell it back to the grid, under a micro-generation scheme from approx 2021
  • 70% of electricity generation to come from renewable sources by 2030 (Phase-out of coal and peat)

Please Click Here for the European Commission link to solar resource and PV performance calculator.

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