Heating Controls

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Heating Controls

Installing heating controls could save you up to 20% (+10% savings when you install an A Rated boiler) off your heating bill, making it a no brainer to consider controls, especially if you qualify for the SEAI grant. Please click here to see if you qualify.

Controls allow your system to monitor the temperature and react accordingly to reduce or increase heat and hot water when required.

2 Zone system is separating the radiators and hot water. This allows you to
heat your hot water without having to turn on your radiators and visa versa. No more worrying if you left the immersion on.

3 Zone system allows you divide for further efficiency: hot water, rads upstairs and rads downstairs.

Add Remote Access and you can turn on any zone from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Multi Zone Heating controls, such as Evo Home, Tado or Hive can be set up that each room is treated as an individual heating zone, so you can set the heating to your family’s daily needs. Therefore, only heating the rooms you need when you need them to be heated. This can also be controlled via your smart phone.

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  • Lower heating bills
  • Increased comfort in your home
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • SEAI grants of upto €750 available
  • Remote access option
  • Compatible with Alexa and/or Google Home

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