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Gas Boiler Replacement

ASSET only install A-rated energy-efficient, quality assured condensing boilers, recommended by our expert RGI installers. This change could potentially save you upto 10% on your heating bills and lowering CO² emissions.

Old boilers waste energy and are costly to run, as a large portion (approx 30%) of the heat is lost up the flue/chimney. Their operational efficiency could be as low as 60%. You can increase this up to 90% by installing a new high efficiency condensing boiler.

Often after review we can install a smaller energy output boiler than currently in place, sized correctly to your properties needs by our experts, further reducing your fuel bills.

If you are interested in saving further on your heating bills and having a more comfortable home to live in, we advise adding heating controls.
There is an SEAI grant of a possible €750* to be claimed, please click here to see if you qualify.

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How Long Will It Take?

One day to install a new gas boiler and chemically cleanse the system.

This is dependent on the boiler location, condition of current system, gas pipe size and access to a suitable drain for the condensate.



5-10 years protected under the manufactures warranty on parts and labour.

Our top 2 recommended boilers, Viessmann and Worchester Bosch both come with a 10-year warranty to give you total peace of mind.


Which Type Of Gas Boiler Is Best?

Combination Boilers are suited to smaller properties, such as apartments or one-bathroom houses that can benefit from the additional space. A Combi boiler does not require a hot water cylinder in a press or attic, due to stainless steel heat exchanger technology built in for instantaneous hot water.

System Gas Boilers are suitable for a home with more than one bathroom with families, as there is a constant supply of hot water.

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